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About us


Degenija is sheltered flower of Velebit, and restaurant Degenija is a pleasant family catering estabilishment, located on the main road D1 in direction Zagreb - Slunj - Plitvice lakes, 5 km before the enterance into the National park the Plitvice lakes, settlement Seliste Dreznicko. Beside an excellent position, it is marked by a beautiful view onto the green landscape, pleasant surroundings and an exceptional gastronomic offer.

The offer of food is mainly on the meat basis, which is the characteristic of the entire region. The house specialty is trout, and besides that, we prepare pizzas from the baker's oven. There are also all sorts of a la carte dishes: home - made cheese and smoked ham, barbacue, turkey meat in different ways. The object also possess the luxurious terrace with 60 sitting chairs and 90 sitting chairs in the closed space of the restaurant.

Along with the rich gastronomic offer, there are rooms for the night in complex of the restaurant, whose additional favour is determined by the distance from the National park, just 5 km. The object contains all together 20 beds, 4/2 rooms in the upper part of the object and 4/3 rooms in a family house in the immediately nearness of the restaurant. All rooms are with TV and modern conviniences and very nicely decorated.

Riding a bike in the region of Rakovica is certainly one of the reasons to visit us and spend a beautiful day , and to experience, get to know and see something new on every cycling trail, but also to recreate yourself.

The most prominent and the most visited national park in Croatia, the Plitvice lakes, is the place of the unique natural
harmony and beauty, and in that priceless gift of the nature, we can enjoy over the entire year. In the magical greenery of woods, meadows and green swards, a pearl of 16 bluish green lakes appear in a row, connected with the cascades and crackling waterfalls.

We are free to say that the Barac caves are the ones that Rakovica is today known for. Our pearl that we compare with the Plitvice lakes, is decorated and open for tourists, precisely 200 m of the Upper Barac cave. The tour lasts 40 minutes with the escort of the specialized leadreship.

An unavoidably place of the natural beauties and active rest is also the city of Slunj. There are the most beautiful watermill settlement Rastoke, the rivers Korana, Slunjcica and Mreznica. The surrounding area of Slunj is rich with the different deer, so the hunting, but also fishing, canoeing, rafting and other activities are developed.

There is the possibility of organizing bussines lunches in the restaurant Degenija, different celebrations and receivings. All guests who are desirous of the traditional, but also the other cuisine, tired travellers, or simple couriosers, are welcome, and we are going to take care that the sojourn in our region stays in the nice memory to You. There are no words to describe all the beauty and harmony of this region, so visit us, feel and experience the part of the primordial, untouched nature.